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“We harness the power of
biotechnology to build a more
brighter future.”
Dr. Nidhin Sreekumar
Chief Research Scientist
Dr.Nidhin- Chief Scientist
“We leverage the power of
biotechnology to build a more
transparent future.”
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Plant VOC Sensors

Project Voltrac is at the forefront of this endeavor, pioneering the development of cost-effective, energy-efficient VOC sensors that boast high sensitivity, unparalleled selectivity, and robust stability.

Glimpses from Our Research
Captivating Imagery from Our Microscopic Investigations in the Nano-realm.
A pollen
An imperceptible pollen may look scary in its nano level !!!
Wasp’s View
Wasps compound eye, in its full glory !!!
ZnO nano rods
Zinc oxide nanorods has multiple usecases and multiple shapes, even under electron microscopy !!!